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Fitness on the Run have been “Keeping lives on track” since 1994 and has been expanded now to it’s own private, Functional Training and Wellness Studio at Broadbeach with plenty of parking. Privacy is the key to this studio so our clients feel comfortable with caring and empathetic trainers who understands the needs of their client’s who can train in a secure, private environment without feeling intimidated but encouraging their life back on track.

Resistance Training Resistance, strength, and weight training all have become popular form of recreation as well as a method of conditioning not only athletes but all ages of the population due to increased benefits that come with this form of exercise.

IOM TRAINING :- is based on the latest research in biomechanics, anatomy and training methodology and placing them into a specific training programmes designed to get the ultimate outcome and results for the client.

BENEFITS OF RESISTANCE TRAINING :- · Increased body fat loss · Increased muscle growth · Increased metabolism · Osteoporsis prevention · Combats diabetes · Reduction in Arthritis · Helps your Heart · Improves immunity


Fitness Training IOM Training Resistance Training Rehabilation Training

Pregnancy and Exercise Nutrition Chronic Disease Group Fitness Training VIVO BAREFOOT

Fitness on the Run has an extensive network including Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Exercise physiologists, GP doctors and Specialists on the coast, as well as Brisbane, which helps our clients get their health back on track quicker.


VIVO BAREFOOT Exclusively available on the Gold Coast at Fitness On The Run. COME INTO OUR STUDIO FOR A FITTING OF THESE AMAZING SHOES Only place to buy on the Gold Coast!


Benefits of pre & post pregnancy programmes:- · Regular exercise keeps her in physical good health but also mentally in good shape. · Improves stamina · Improves suppleness and strength · Develops a greater understanding of the body and it’s capabilities.


Exercise and nutrition are two, out of the four, essential components for results and achieving long term goals in any fitness regime. Good nutrition combined with exercise plays a large role in the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis just to name a few. Even elite athletes need good nutrition so they can perform to their full potential. Benefits of a Balanced Eating Plan & Exercise:- · Prevents chronic diseases such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. · Increased metabolic rate which burns more calories when not exercising. · Decrease in adipose fat tissue. · Increased lean muscle. · Balancing out irregular hormonal levels.

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