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Bare Food Cafe Gold Coast

We pride ourselves on bringing you whole food, the way nature intended it, from our kitchen to your plate.

About Us

Bare Food Cafe was born out of a desire to provide our community with whole foods that taste great and that are good for you. We are conscious of the way we eat and believe that good food does not need additives. Our kitchen prepares a variety of fresh, organic and natural meals daily with ingredients sourced locally where possible.


Great bacon and eggs and coffee goes down well, as well as our speciality menu.

Breakfast all day

Acai Bowl

Blended pure acai, banana and organic berries with cold pressed coconut water topped with "Bare Style" granola and seasonal fresh fruit.  Add extra granola for $2.00     v, g/f


Toasted sourdough or fruit loaf

Two slices toasted sourdough served with organic butter and your choice of organic honey, jam or peanut butter

$5.90 v

Barefood Big Brekky

Two organic eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, babyspinach and mushrooms, served with toasted sourdough

$22.50   g/f


Organic free range eggs, all served with sourdough toast

Poached                $10.90

Fried Sunny Side Up      $10.90

Scrambled (3 eggs)        $11.90

Breakfast parfait

"bare style" muesli with seeds, nuts and berries served with natural yoghurt

$12.00 v, g/f

Bircher muesli

Made with fresh apple, strawberries, activated almonds, oat milk, organic natural yoghurt and organic honey

$14.90 v

Buckwheat banana pancakes

Topped with banana, maple syrup, organic natural yoghurt, berry compote and coconut flakes

$15.90 v, g/f

The Brekky burger

Nitrate free bacon & egg on sourdough roll with tomato relish. Add smashed avo $4.00


The ultimate hippie bowl

Wilted kale, roasted sweet potato, quinoa, sprouts, pepitas, goji berries topped with a poached egg and balsamic dressing

$16.90 g/f, v, d/f

Avocado mash, tomato salsa & poached egg

On organic sourdough toast with olive oil, balsamic and rocket. Add nitrate free bacon $4.50, baby spinach or mushroom $3.00

$16.90 v, d/f

Bubble and squeak

A veggie pattie topped with a poached egg, spinach and a rasher of nitrate free bacon, Add slice of toast $2.50, smashed avo $4.00

$15.90 g/f, d/f

Savoury Mince & Poached Egg

On sourdough toast with olive oil and a side of tomato relish. Add baby spinach or mushroom $3.00


Add any of the following sides to your breakfast or lunch

Nitrate free Bacon              +$4.50

Smashed Avocado             +$4.00

Beef Sausage                      +$4.00

Add an egg                          +$2.50

Sautéed Tomato                  +$3.00

Add slice of toast                 +$2.50

Sautéed Spinach                 +$3.00

Tomato sauce                      +$2.00

Sautéed Mushroom            +$3.00

Tomato relish                       +$2.50



Small $5.50            Large $9.00

Acai Smoothie

Pure acai, banana, organic berries, coconut water, ice

The green machine

Apple, spinach, lemon, coconut water, ice

Kale king detox

Kale, apple, ginger, coconut water, ice

Coffee frappe

Espresso, dates, honey, coconut milk, ice

Very Berry (VB)

Mixed berries, banana, full cream milk, ice

Veggie blend

Beetroot, carrot, cucumber, apple, spinach, coconut water, ice

Breakfast blend

Banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, oats, full cream milk, ice

Summer starter

Orange, apple, carrot, ginger, coconut water, ice

Lunch all day

Daily Bone Broth

$8.50 g/f d/f

Twice cooked pork belly salad

Crispy-skinned pork belly with lush herbs in a Thai salad and tangy dressing

$18.90 g/f, d/f

Marinated chicken and avocado stack

With roasted sweet potato, rocket and pesto dressing served with your choice of salad

$16.90 g/f, d/f

Corn Fritters

Grilled sweet corn gluten free fritters topped with smashed avo, nitrate free bacon and side of tomato relish

$16.90 g/f d/f

Vegetable fritters

On balsamic dressing and herb oil topped with hummus and grilled vegetables

$15.90 v, g/f, d/f

Ratatouille Stack

Roasted red capsicum, eggplant, zucchini on baby spinach topped with your choice of salad

$15.90 vg

Traditional lamb curry

Served with turmeric brown rice & seasonal greens

$18.90 g/f, d/f

Roast Mushroom Burger

On a sourdough roll with our sweet potato hash, rocket and kale aioli, served with your choice of salad Add marinated organic chicken $4.00

$14.90 v

Veggie burger

Roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, chickpea, chia seeds and buckwheat grout pattie. Topped with Kimchi, avocado and dhukka, served with side salad Add fried egg $2.50

$16.50 v

Slow-cooked pulled pork burger

On a sourdough roll with our in house slaw and organic tangy BBQ sauce. Served with sweet potato crisps. Add nitrate free bacon $4.50, fried egg $2.50


Barefood Organic Beef Burger

On a sourdough roll with lettuce, fresh sliced tomato, cheese, a rasher of nitrate free bacon and organic tomato sauce. Served with sweet potato crisps. Add fried egg $2.50


Toasties and Wraps

Served with garden salad


Bare Food Salads from the cabinet

Small          $10.00          Large   $15.00


All served with organic kids juice and freshsalad

Egg on Toast                      $11.50

Smashed Avo on Toast    $11.50

Ham & Cheese Fingers    $11.50

Milk options

Organic full cream or skinny

Coconut and Lactose free extra $0.80

Almond & Soy extra $1.00


Espresso, piccolo, long black, cappuccino, flat white, latte, hot chocolate

In House    Espresso $3.00 Cup $3.90 Mug   $4.50

Takeaway   Espresso $3.50 Med $4.50 Large $4.90

Extra shot                                                  $0.60

Syrups                                                        $0.60

Chocolate                                                  $0.60

Decaf                                                          $0.60

Honey                                                         $0.60

Turmeric Latte                                          $6.00

Bulletproof Bare Food style                  $5.50

Iced Coffee                                                $5.50

Chia Latte                                                  $4.90

Babyccino                                                  $2.00

Tea (pot of leaf tea)

English breakfast, earl grey, green, camomile, peppermint, masala chai,Lemongrass and ginger

Pot $4.90

Cold drinks

Kombucha                                                 $5.90

Mineral Water                                            $4.50

Bottled juice                                               $4.90

Bottled water                                             $3.00

Organic kids juice                                      $3.00


White                                                            Mini Bottle

Lobster Reef Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc    $7.50

Jacob's Creek Chardonnay                                  $7.50             


McGuigan Black Label Shiraz                              $7.50

McGuigan Black Label Merlot                             $7.50  


Jacob's Creek Premium Sparkling Range          $7.50

Beer & Cider                                                           $7.50


Our Service Areas

Paradise Point, Runaway Bay, Sovereign Islands, Sanctury Cove, Oyster Cove, QLD

Our Location

Business Hours

  • Monday - Sunday - 630am to 3pm